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Vacuum Packed Blooming Tea


  • Type: Scented Tea
  • Specialty: Health Tea
  • Trademark: Yixiang
  • Origin: Fujian Province, China
  • Style: Loose Tea
  • Packaging: Bags
  • Specification: Bulk
  • HS Code: 0902109000
place of origin  Fujian Province, China
product type  Blooming tea 
tea style  Flower tea ball
flower kind  jasmine, chamomile, lily, chrysanthemum, osmanthus, marigold
specialty  Health tea
certification  ISO, QS
shelf life  36 months
packing  loose tea ball or individual vacuum packing

2. About Blooming Tea

We offer elegant blooming tea from the Fujian Province. Baekho Silver Needle tea leaves are cured and then scented with high-quality flowers grown in Fujian Province. Each flower is hand-picked, hand-pressed and sewn by hand. To make the tea, brew in a glass teapot, wine glass or carafe with water temperature of 185-195 degress F.
One glance into a glass teapot explains the term blooming teas - also referred to as art tea.
Fun, entertaining and a taste treat, this special Camellia Sinensis cultivar is sewn with silken thread into an elegant shape that upon "blooming" set off a brilliant, tender blossom hidden within.
Blooming tea does not tend to get astringent, so the tea can always be a wonderful addition to a meal or social gathering, especially for gala occasions such as New Years and birthdays.

Vacuum Packed Blooming Tea
3. Products Description

Seven Sons' Birthday Congratulations
The green and white tea buds are pressed into a bulb with a red flower. When steeped, the bulb blossoms revealing the red flower, inside a white crown
Vacuum Packed Blooming Tea

Jasmine Fairy Maiden
A tall container is necessary to display the lanky Jasmine flower as it unfolds. Tones of Jasmine accent the sweet and vegetal flavour of this tea.

Vacuum Packed Blooming Tea 

Spring Season
When steeped, a large Calendula and flurry of Osmanthus flowers bloom in the pot. The Osmanthus adds a distinctive apricot flavour to this pleasant tea.

Vacuum Packed Blooming Tea

Oriental Beauty
Oriental Beauty is fresh jasmine flowers for the core, with refined tea leaves from Baekho Silver Needle.

Vacuum Packed Blooming Tea

4. How to Make Blooming Tea
Preparing blooming tea (also known as flowering tea) is very simple and pleasant to watch. Typically made of tea leaves bound with flowers, it blooms into a beautiful surprise right in front of your eyes.
One blooming tea ball
4 cups of water
Sweetener of choice (optional)
Steps 1
Place one blooming or flowering tea ball in a clear, medium to large sized glass teapot or tempered glass pitcher. 

Step 2
Prepare the water. If you know what kind of tea is in the ball (white, green, or black) follow the guidelines in How to Make Tea when determining how hot to make the water. For example, if it is predominantly white tea, the water should not be boiling (170 degrees is best) when poured onto the tea. If the tea is black, bring the water to a full boil.

Step 3
Pour the hot water into the glass container.

Step 4
Watch for three to five minutes as it unravels from a tiny ball into a beautiful flower-like bloom.

Step 5
Steep the tea for at least 3 minutes (longer for a darker, more robust tea). Taste the tea as it steeps to see if it has reached a desired strength.

Step 6
Pour all the tea into cups. If you're not going to drink it all, pour it into another teapot where it can stay warm. Leaving the hot water in contact with the tea for too long can adversely affect the taste.

Step 7
Re-steep the tea. You may be able to do this 2-3 times, depending on the size, brand, how much tea you made, and how long you steeped the tea the first time. Remember that after a few re-steepings, the flavor will not be as bold as before in other pots.

Step 8
Vacuum Packed Blooming Tea
If you don't have a glass pitcher, any glass container that is tall and wide will work as well. A clear container is preferred, however, if you want to see the tea "bloom".
Silver needle white tea has a mild flavor. The longer you steep it (about 15-20 minutes or longer) the more robust the flavor will get. A sweetener, such as honey, will help to bring out the flavor.
After enjoying a glass of flowering tea, you can keep it and display it in a clear container for days.
The thoroughly dried tea balls can be kept on the shelf for an additional three years in the 
ventilated area.

Make sure that the glass container you use is capable of handling boiling water. Some glass containers will crack or even shatter when boiling water is poured in.

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